Photo (7)I have worked as a professional photographer for the past 30 some years. I found my experiences rewarding and challenging at the same time. I truly believe that no photo shoot is ever the same, or routine, they are all adventures. I truly have a passion for capturing that special moment in time. That is what I call capturing those” Frozen Strokes”. The meaning of those words means to me, is that each time a customer goes back to look at their photo they will see and feel that exact moment all over again.
I was trained by my cousin who is a professional photographer in Michigan. My cousin owned his own business with a catchy name of CLASSIC PORTRAITS and also a tagline that read “Smile for Paul”. I recall going to different events carrying his equipment and watching him interact with his customers. He had a flare that was very energetic, and was so passionate. He taught me about treating each customer with the utmost of respect, and he easily developed a rapport. He was engaging, but was equally a professional. If I’ve learned anything about photography, I’ve learned that you must capture the customer’s trust, before shooting any photos.
I’ve been extremely fortunate to have found I found business partners that believe in satisfying the customer, and want each customer to be absolutely thrilled with their photos. Together we created a business that goes beyond our name Fort Wayne Photographers because underneath that we are striving to be “Your photographers”.