Meet Bob

BobI first started making money with my photography doing senior photos in 1983, before that it was strictly a hobby. I shot for the school newspaper and for yearbook as well. Once I made the move from taking photos of squirrels and landscapes to working with people, my love affair with portrait and wedding photography bloomed. Early on, I realized that every person is absolutely beautiful. What I love most about my job, is that I get to capture that beauty. Capturing emotion, expressions, and special moments in people’s lives is actually addictive for me. As Annie Liebovits put it perfectly, “I’m not afraid to fall in love with my subjects.” I think that is the perfect way to put how I feel about every photo we present to our customers. I want them to see the love that I feel with every press of the shutter.
I owe a lot of credit for the passion of what I do to my parents. I got into photography at a pretty young age, they signed me up for classes, and even built me a darkroom in our house before I was a freshman in High School. In college, I worked in a professional photo lab. This gave me a chance to see the work of some of the most outstanding wedding and portrait photographers from around the country, and try to develop my skills to get close to what I saw. That is also when I met my mentor James Hodge, who owned studios in Ohio, Illinois, and New Jersey. I ended up marrying his beautiful and talented daughter Margo, and after 30 years, she’s still my lovely bride. I’m a graduate of the New York Institute of Photography, as well as constantly taking classes and seminars to keep up with the current technologies and trends.
Words can’t describe how wonderful it is to work with people that share my vision and passion. Our goal has never been to get rich or famous with our work. Our goal from day one, was to make sure that each and every customer feels like family, and that they love the moments we’ve captured, as much as we loved capturing them.